MILFORD, MICHIGAN, JUNE 2, 2017: As concert-goers are beginning to buzz about the return of the Thursday evening concerts in Downtown Milford, students from MICHIGAN ROCK SCHOOL are rehearsing for their big chance to wow a large crowd anticipated on Thursday, June 15th.
With headliner Lookin’ Back scheduled to perform at the AMP and deliver its tribute to Bob Seger, the band invited students from Milford’s own MICHIGAN ROCK SCHOOL to be part of their two hour program. 12-year-old Aspen Jacobsen of Commerce will open the show with a 30-minute set of solo-acoustic songs. Then MICHIGAN ROCK SCHOOL student Jack Lupro, 11, of Commerce, will join Lookin’ Back on stage to “sit in” for a song at some point during their show.
The inclusion of MICHIGAN ROCK SCHOOL students was initiated by Lookin’ Back, as a means to encourage kids to pick up musical instruments and play – a narrative the band is promoting as an alternative to time wasted on video games.
The “Follow Your Passion Challenge!” as Lookin’ Back affectionately calls it, is an effort to build excitement around developing a marketable skill, talent, or trade, and bring awareness to the valuable time lost on their electronic diversions. The Bob Seger tribute show at The AMP kicks off the bands public initiative.
In the future Lookin’ Back’s “Follow Your Passion Challenge” will continue to target school age kids and involve other Metro-Detroit rock schools at a handful of upcoming shows, but their efforts to inspire and encourage musicians starts in Milford on June 15.
John Kozicki, lead instructor and owner at MICHIGAN ROCK SCHOOL said, “I was excited when Lookin’ Back asked us to join them at the AMP! Our schools primary focus is to encourage students to perform, create, and have fun with the knowledge they gain in class. This event happening in our own backyard makes me very happy knowing a couple of my incredibly talented students will get an opportunity to show off their hard work in front of friends, family and classmates.”
The Lookin’ Back Bob Seger Tribute concert is scheduled for Thursday, June 15 at LaFontaine Family Amphitheater in Milford’s Central Park. The concert is free to the public and all ages welcome. Michigan Rock School student Aspen Jacobsen performs at 6:30 pm until Lookin’ Back takes the stage at 7pm.
If social media buzz is any indicator, a record turnout is expected for the concert with over 2,600 people indicating their interest in attending.
MICHIGAN ROCK SCHOOL, located in Downtown Milford, Michigan’s Mill Valley Center, offers dynamic music lesson programs for all ages, styles, and experience levels. Owner, John Kozicki has coached students through private lessons and band rehearsals for more than a decade. Additionally, he is a professional musician of over 20 years and his experience includes playing with major and independent label acts, touring, recording and songwriting.
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On February 4, 2017 – Tributesville and its production partners join forces AGAIN to unite Bruce Springsteen & Bob Seger music fans for another night classic rock n roll will never forget.

The first battle happened Nov. 12 in Highland, and for those classic rock fans in attendance said the atmosphere was equivalent to an MSU vs U of M sports rivalry.  Watch  LOOKIN’ BACK, Detroit’s Bob Seger tribute go head-to-head with Tributesvilles newest member band THE BOSS REVUE, a Detroit-based act dedicated entirely to Bruce Springsteen.

From its inception Dueling Tributes was designed to be entirely fair and fun for both bands, AND highly entertaining for the audience.  As with any legitimate duel both teams will have matched weapons in accordance with other mutually agreed-upon rules.  Both bands will share a single state-of-the-art front-of-house audio system, one unbiased sound man, lighting and stage design resources complete with special effects and video backdrops.  Both bands (15 players) will split a spacious McMorran Theater stage as each side will light up and darken as the bands exchange hits for a unique 2.5 hour concert experience.

Tributesville wishes to thank YOU for considering event, and our production partners Milford-based Light Up The Sound for all stage lighting, special affects, and projection programming.  Sound reinforcement will be provides and engineered by 3-time Detroit Music Award nominee and overall hotshot audio guy Daniel Niewolak.

Doors: 7:00 PM

Concert: 8:00 PM is a growing collection of Detroit’s best peer reviewed tribute bands united to help bring attention to each other’s bands by sharing a common website, Facebook page, and cooperating with special events such as this.  Look for some of Detroit’s BEST tribute bands at  We are out to not only change how our industry is perceived, but most importantly how we are DISCOVERED!