Lookin’ Back is a forward-looking project comprised of seven class musicians united in an effort to keep the music of Bob Seger performed at its highest level for both lifelong and new fans who identify with the man’s poetry, energy, and vast catalog of time-tested hits that now bridges six decades.

While tribute bands typically paid homage to the usual rock-n-roll superstars about 13 years ago when we started our mission, the music of Bob Seger was commonly overlooked in this country, particularly in S.E. Michigan, until LOOKIN’ BACK.  Since then we’ve become one of the most popular Bob Seger tribute brands in the world.  (Fall 2018)

Since the band’s sellout debut on August 29, 2009, Lookin’ Back has entertained well over 300,000 fans, headlined all but four of our 199 shows, opened for Loverboy & Average White Band, and SOLD OUT 45 of 58 (77.5%) ticketed events!

The band’s highlights are numerous, but some worth mentioning include performances with original Silver Bullet Band members Alto Reed & Charlie Martin on four separate occasions in 2011/12. Lookin’ Back entertained 11,000+ Detroit Pistons fans at the Palace of Auburn Hills (Bob Seger Appreciation Night); saw 100,000 at Howell’s Annual Balloon Festival; rocked nearly 7,000 who decided to come to see our presentation of “Live Bullet Lives Again” at Pride In Saginaw; Monroe St. Mary’s Park 2019 Series saw 5800; 5000 (a record) at 51st Annual National Blueberry Festival in South Haven; on June 15, 2017, a record attendance of 5000 swarmed Milford’s AMPhitheater, and the following year we eclipsed our own by 500 on June 14.  More recently, the Swartz Creek Performing Arts Center outdoor amphitheater attracted 1500 fans/27% of all city residents!


The love for Bob Seger is very strong and was most evident as soon as Lookin’ Back hit the Metro-Detroit music scene.  In fact, in 2010 Lookin’ Back was asked to perform at a private party in Royal Oak to help launch a book entitled Travelin’ Man by Tom Weschler and Gary Graff.  Their coffee table photo book shared many stories about life on the road with Bob Seger and Co.

Every year Lookin’ Back celebrates Mr. Seger’s birthday, and to this date is the only  Bob Seger tribute doing this.  We are very proud to recount them in chronological order just for the record:

1st Annual Bob Seger (65th) Birthday Bash held at Tanglewood Golf Club (FREE)

2nd Annual Bob Seger (66th) Birthday Bash at The Palazzo Grande in Shelby, MI (SOLD OUT)

3rd Annual (67th) Birthday Bash at 59 West End Nightclub in Hartland, MI (SOLD OUT)

4th and 5th Annual (68th/69th) at Wonderland Lanes in Commerce (BOTH SOLD OUT)

6th Annual (Bob’s BIG 7-0) at Michigan Theatre of Jackson (1300 seat ambitions)

7th Annual (71st) Friday, May 6, 2016, at Bakers of Milford (SOLD OUT)

8th Annual (72) Saturday, May 5, 2017, Bob Seger Birthday FIESTA at Wonderland Lanes (SOLD OUT)

9th Annual (73rd & Stranger In Town release date 40 years ago) at Wonderland Lanes on May 5, 2018 (SOLD OUT).

10th Annual Bob Seger Birthday Bash (74th) (SOLD OUT) on May 4 at Mt. Brighton, MI Ski Lodge.

11 Annual Bob Seger/1st Annual Billy Joel Birthday Bashes at Wonderland Lanes November 7, 2020.  (COVID-19 CANCELLED)

12th Annual Bob Seger & 2nd Billy Joel Birthday Bash Weekend May 7 & 8 Chateau Aeronautique at Onsted, MI (SOLD OUT)

13th Annual Bob Seger (3rd Annual Billy Joel Birthday Bash) Riverside Golf & Banquet Battle Creek, MI

Lookin’ Back books produce and promote their own shows.  The band stays busy all summer performing at municipal Concerts In The Parks, National, Regional, and local festivals, private parties, and 1 Chicago wedding reception. Lookin’ Back has performed at The Sands Casino, The Little River Casino, Caesars Windsor Casino, and Hard Rock Cafe Casino near Cleveland.  From beer tents to casinos, from performing art centers to a handful of select bars, Lookin’ Back leaves Bob Seger fans always WANTING MORE!

If Rock N Roll Never Forgets it is our job to make certain of it.  Here are a few highlights as to why Bob Seger deserves a world-class Detroit-based tribute!

(From Wiki)  In early February of 1974, Mr. Seger first introduced the Silver Bullet Band in Knoxville, Tennessee, and toured the nation with BTO & would eventually get picked up by KISS, who was largely responsible for helping Bob get his first gold record.  Bob Seger is Rock-n-Roll and is still making history! In the mid-70’s Bob Seger found himself inducted into the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame in 2004.  In April of 1976, Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band had their big commercial breakthrough with the album Live Bullet, recorded over two nights in September 1975 at Detroit’s Cobo Arena. The album remained on the Billboard charts for 168 weeks and peaked at #34 which was Seger’s highest-charting album at that time. It also contained a hit rendition of a cover of Ike & Tina Turner’s Nutbush City Limits (#69 US) as well as Seger’s own classic take on life on the road- Turn the Page, and re-released a few of his late 1960’s successful releases Heavy Music and Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man.  Other hits on that record included Katmandu, Get Out Of Denver, Travelin’ Man, and Beautiful Loser.


The success of Live Bullet gave rise to his blockbuster follow-up album Night Moves put Bob Seger squarely and forever after on the national stage. Three-fifths of all initial sales of Live Bullet sold in Detroit-area record stores, and over time would reach 5x Platinum status. The Live Bullet record remains a music critic’s favorite, the 44th best-selling album of the 70s, and for almost 20 years was one of the top 50 live albums of all time.

Bob Seger’s 1986-1987 American Storm was to be Seger’s last major tour which resulted in 105 shows over nine months and sold nearly 1.5 million tickets. Bob Seger’s Greatest Hits compilation was most recently named the nation’s biggest-selling compilation record of all time, selling nearly 10 million copies as of 2010.

With all that said, we’ve dedicated ourselves to delivering for our clients a world-class Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band experience on par with the genuine article we’re sure everyone will appreciate and enjoy.

Alto Reed Performs With Lookin Back AGAIN!

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43 thoughts on “Home

  1. I didn’t know of your performances until I read about the group in the Spinal Column. I look forward to hearing the group.

  2. Saw the item in a local paper about the bands job at the Detroit Zoo, so went with a “girlfrieln” of 30 + and had a great time. Too bad more zoo-bies didn’t stop and enjoy the concert. It was GREAT!

    • Pat! Some of our best performances have been for very small crowds because we can connect with them more directly. The Zoo really took good care of our audio needs and provided us an OUTSTANDING work environment…both on stage and location. VERY COOL PLACE TO ROCK N ROAR! We figured the weather caused just enough doubt to keep the zoobies home…..but in the end we couldn’t have orderd better weather conditions….overcast, cool, a small breeze made it ideal. Thanks for the kind words and stay in touch on facebook.

    • Time to call the girlfriend Pat and make plans to see what has become your favorite Seger tribute? FYI Lookin’ Back has our 8th Annual Bob Seger Birthday Bash coming May 6th to a nice little place in Commerce Township – if you’re interested. Information here: http://www.neptix.com/events/45743

  3. Saw the show in Grand Blanc last night. As a long time Seger fan I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the show.

    • Luke, it means a lot to us that you took time to share your thoughts about a recent performance. It’s always nice to hear from satisfied Bob Seger fans who appreciate our efforts.

  4. My wife and I have seen at lot of your shows like the Seger Birthday bash,Christmas Party,Jeep Creep,Fenton Applefest,andmany others.We just love you guys and can’t get enough. We will see you at St Andrews Hall on March 15th. Thank you Rock n Roll Never Forgets.

  5. My Wife and I attended the Concert at St. Andrews . The concert was Awesome , Well Done Lookin’ Back & In The Flesh was Outstanding Night. For those that haven’t seen these groups take a moment to attend one of the shows you won’t be disappointed… <3

    • It was a special night for EVERYONE Larry and thank you for being there! We hope you can make it to our 5th Annual Bob Seger Birthday Bash May 10 in Commerce Township. See the Events page to learn more about our most important/fun-filled dinner concert this YEAR!

  6. Listened to your show at the Mustang Stampede from our boat at Mackinaw City marina. Thought for sure Seger was performing. Outstanding sound. Took me back to my high school days. Loved it!

  7. Can’t wait to see you when you come to the Michigan Theatre in Jackson. I sang with Skip VanWinkle back in the early 70’s and had the adventure of performing on stage with Ms. Shawn Murphy for 2 weeks before she started touring with Bob Seger. I am sure your show will bring down the house! Thanks for keeping the music alive!

  8. You guys were great yesterday, I spoke to you a little yesterday. I have brother who performed with Harry Chapin on tours after college hay days studies @Cleveland Institute of music. I would like to send you a cd of brothers band jazz band, Peter Virckes quartet in St. Paul, Mn. I am the one talked to you about your booking the dinner where we ate, you said you were missing people

    • Hey Christine, I’m letting all the people that have made a comment on our website in the past about our 8th Annual Bob Seger Birthday Bash coming May 6th to a nice little place in Commerce Township – if you’re interested. I know you enjoyed last year’s party. Hope you can make this one! Information here: http://www.neptix.com/events/45743

  9. If you want some good Bob Seger music, get out and here Lookin’ Back. Todd and group does a good job with Seger songs and they are fun and great group. Rock N Roll Never Forgets.

  10. To Members of looking back. I saw your show at Alpenfest and loved it! I am associated with a historical Society with a 100 year old Playhouse which currently needs a new roof. We were hoping to hold a “raise the roof” fundraising event and think your group would be a perfect fit!

  11. I saw you at Alpenfest and had a great time. I am associated with an organization which is looking for entertainment for fund raising events in Houghton Lake, Can you advise me of the cost of one of your performances? Please give me contact information by e-mail

    • Cost depends on production requirements…and that depends on how many people a venue/charity might expect. PA for a concert for 100 will not work for a concert of 1000 or more. We can and would prefer to take care of ALL production in house. Although we got lucky with a GREAT front of house audio guy at AlpenFest, we really suffered in West Branch on Friday. So, we like to take the guess-work out of this as much as possible. Our rates and equipment are ALWAYS going to be better than what you can get for PA services, and we like to keep it that way. Lets talk ANYTIME! Todd Stoney 248-755-6814

  12. OH my gosh! I also saw your performance at Alpenfest and it was wonderful.
    Having been a Seger fan since he was Bob Seger and the Last Herd so many years ago and seeing him in concert several times I can say you guys do him proud. Can’t wait to see you guys in concert again.

    • HOW KIND! PROUDLY WE PLAY SEGER, we can only hope he would find us pleasing to listen too. We can only measure ourselves against the original. We’ll always fall a bit short, but we’ll always be dangerously close! See you in Frankenmuth this September?

    • Sorry, due to internal personnel instability and flat out stupidity, I was forced to cancel our Frankenmuth performance in order to protect and maintain Lookin’ Back’s brand integrity, and protect our client and audience from what could have been a less than satisfactory performance. Client satisfaction always come first. We hope to return next year. The band has retooled for the last two shows of the year in Fenton (AppleFest), and Adrian (Art-A-Licious). Hope you can come see us at either location. I am certain you’ll be completely satisfied with our new singer. Check our website later today for more information about our new singer!

  13. Glad to see the site back up again. Missed you for a while there. Good job with the history of the group. The members may change, but I feel the quality won’t. Nicely done Todd.

    • THANKS PAT! Being the quality control guy here you have my promise we will always have a continuous improvement philosophy in this band and like a fine wine will improve over time. See you someplace and sometime where the weather is warm.

  14. Saw these guys in Ferndale last Summer.
    During the Dream Cruise. They blew us away.
    99% as good as the original.
    Bob Seger would be proud.
    We will make every effort to attend this.

  15. I have been trying to get to see you guys for two years. I will make it hopefully this year and definitely to Bob Seger’s birthday bash in 2018!!

  16. It was an absolute pleasure to talk to these guys in person! Hope y’all have a fantastic year, and I hope you have fun in Jackson!

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