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11 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Todd:
    Thank you for everything the band was fantastic, and you guys really helped make my Class Reunion a rocking great night! Fantastic sound, wonderful guys, and easy to work with all the things that make my job as an entertainment booking agent easy. I will be booking you again many times in the future

    Kathy Krajewski, CSEP
    Double Exposure, Inc.
    Events and Entertainment Agent

  2. Guys
    I want you all to know, as a new listener to your band you guys are great!
    My wife & I attended your event on Grosse Ile June 19th at Sharkeys not knowing what to expect we were blown away! I’ve attended a few Bob Segar concerts in my 61 years, I can tell you if I closed my eyes you guys sounded like real life Bob we all enjoy
    My only disappointment was NOT calling & inviting my high school friends that enjoyed BS at our high school (Aquinas High Southgate) back in the late 60’s.
    You can be assured now that I have your web site we will be following your schedule, hopefully a visit downriver is forthcoming
    Keep up the great work!!
    Grosse Ile

    • Short answer….nope. The guys have the winter off and personnel will need to be retooled. Lookin Back will add several new songs YOU and will go wild over. 2016 is expected to be our best yet as we will be all over the state at festivals and Michigan vacation destinations and we hope you can make it to one of em. Thanks for keeping up with us!

  3. My wife and I attended your great tribute to Bob show last night at the Lark Theater in Cheboygan. You guys sounded and played like the real thing. I’ve seen Bob in concert 10 times and when I closed my eyes I was taken back to his shows at Pine Knob, The Palace, Joe Louis Arena, The Silverdome, the Saginaw Civic Center and the Green Bay venue. All that was missing were the horns and the back-up singers. Keep up the great work. And thanks Todd for your play list.

    Rock on.
    Charlie Gross

    • ….and sax, and pianist, and bassist. We have only fantasies of girl singers, and a horn section, and a 2nd guitar.

      We did our best as a 4 pc, and kind words make us feel good about the effort!

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