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David Newland – 2024 Lead Singer – Acoustic & Electric Guitars/Percussion

It’s A Mystery (◇)

(Photo Soon)  This St. Clair County resident, the youngest of 8 children 1st became interested in music at the ripe age of 10, because Paul McCartneys 1st album IS life-changing.
By 14 David joined his 1st band playing drums with a country group, landing his 1st paying gig in 1978. His band would eventually open for GREAT GREAT GRANDFATHER OF COUNTRY MUSIC – Ernest Tubb & The Texas Troubadours.
Our self-taught multi-instrumentalist first realized he could sing at 18 and has been singing various Bob Seger’s songs since forming his first rock band in 1987.  David has successfully been writing, recording, and performing his own original material for nearly 45 years. One example: Detroit Red Wings selected several of his tracks for both the 96/97 & 97/98 NHL Stanley Cup Championship CD/ROM’s.
Along with his many years of performing experience, David has almost as many years of audio reinforcement expertise working on his own productions, but also with national artists Mountain, Orleans, Pure Prairie League, Third Eye Blind, Billy Squire, They Might Be Giants, and has even performed (Stranglehold) with Tone Loc.
David Newland brings all his experience and love for Bob to our tribute band just in time to celebrate the Golden Anniversary Year of The Silver Bullet Band.  Go figure…..

Cezaar Wade – Lead Guitar/Backing) from Jackson, MI (Joined 2/14/2020)  Mr. Wade, his grade school students call him, has been playing guitar since Jr. High School.  His earliest memories of being musical go back to 5th grade, but mortly about getting out of other classes rather than pursuing some innate love for violin music.  Like most kids, Cezaar didn’t immediately love the violin.  But over time (a semester) he learned to appreciate just how expressive the violin is  and realized the beauty of melodies.  The first time Cezaar saw an electric guitar being played was in the living room of his childhood home after school.  Mom had a friend over that day and THAT changed his everthing for him.  CW quickly caught on and was astonished that with no coaching he could figure out how to play several Ted Nugent songs.  He in the months to come he’d figure out the guitar parts of all his favorite songs.  As with any serious musician playing for 40+ years in Michigan, Cezaar has always been aware of Bob Seger’s music.  It was only when he started digging deep and detailing Lookin’ Back song choices did he realize Bob’s songwriting genius.  We’re glad (you will be too) he agreed to a long-term commitment to LB (& Allentown) during the 2020 pandemic.  Cezaar Wade made his Lookin’ Back debut performance on LABOR  DAY Weekend in Celina, OH 2020 with a mask on. ;’-)

Jim Molnar – (Piano / Backing Vocals)  from Farmington Hills, MI Joined 1/30/2011. Since then he’s been off and on….. AND THIS YEAR HE’S BACK ON AGAIN in 2024!  He’s played piano since the tender age of 6.  After winning every youth talent show his parents entered him in, the writing was on the wall.  Jim would grow up playing in several successful area cover bands for his entire life, naturally.  Jim said what hooked him to music in his earliest days was the applause.   People like what he loves to do.  Since joining Lookin’ Back he does get his regular applause fix….and sometimes in megadoses.  We continue to monitor him.

Sebastian Bachmeier Saxophones, Flute, & Percussionist 2/2022  Sebastian is not just a player, not a brave stranger in circles, but he’s a composer and arranger from Windsor, Ontario. Best known in his local music scene for his work with the Coffee House Combo, and variety dance band Stiletto Fire. Sebastian officially joined Lookin’ Back (and our Billy Joel tribute show Allentown) plays saxophones, flute, and several auxiliary percussion instruments for both projects.

Some of his past credits include Arts Collective Theatre’s 2018 production of Dreamgirls, and the University Players’ 2018 production of A Streetcar Named Desire. He has performed with flautist Alexander Zonjic, and was chosen Winner of the University of Windsor Concerto Competition and awarded the Ron W. Ianni Memorial Performance Scholarship.

Sebastian has recorded in the studio for a number of local artists. Most recently he was a guest artist on Crissi Cochrane’s Heirloom album playing flute, clarinet, alto-tenor-baritone saxophones.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sebastian was the first musician in the Windsor area presenting high-caliber performances using distance recording techniques, and continues to this day showcasing highly skilled local musicians during his ongoing virtual projects. Lookin’ Back welcomes ANOTHER GREAT HORN PLAYER into the band to jam out Alto Reeds most iconic sax parts….and some new tricks.

MARKEDWARDEdward Mark (Hammond Organ / Strings & Things) from Toledo, OH Joined 3/23/2016  “Fast Eddie” is really really fast…after he sits down at his organ. Originally from Brooklyn, NY Ed is just a little less than patient and a complete perfectionist who is right 50% of the time, so have to take him very seriously.  He’s been playing keys and bass in various blues, rock, and jazz bands throughout NW Ohio and SE Michigan for over 40 years, but still way less than 100.  He was formally trained on piano and music theory as a young man, and brings 100% of his training and decades of experience to Lookin’ Back.  A member since 2016 he is also a member of Allentown. Fast Eddie plays a NEW hi-tech Hammond B3 organ and makes Robyn Robbins proud.  His new keyboard allows him to combine classic organ sounds with whatever else we need to hear.  Catch FAST Eddie and NOT SO SLOW Jim playing together at most LOOKIN’ BACK SHOWS IN 2024!

photo 3

Todd Stoney (Drums & Biz) White Lake, MI founding member since Fall 2008   Todd has played rock n roll drums his entire life.  In fact, Santa Claus delivered his first kit personally…..to his grandparent’s house “by mistake” on Christmas day.  Todd took private lessons in Lansing, MI at age 9 and quickly grasped the rudiments, developed his skills over the next 8 years locked away in his bedroom rehearsing for Lookin Back 30 years in advance.  In his headphones Todd played along with Bob Seger, and his favorite progressive rock bands, and/or whatever came next on The American Top 40 radio broadcasts.  Todd has rehearsed with some of the best bands who never left the basement.  Todd’s “never say die” and “if you can’t join ’em – beat ’em” attitude is working!

Just prior to forming Lookin Back Todd regularly performed on “mega-church” stages: Oak Pointe/Novi, Kensington’s River Community Church/Hartland, Brightmoor Tabernacle/Commerce, & Ward Presbyterian/Novi.  Todd’s biggest and earliest drummer influence was Sandy Nelson.  Todd would later discover, study and influenced by Charlie Martin (Silver Bullet Original), Mel Gaynor (Simple Minds), Ian Mosley (Marillion), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) Joey  Kramer (Aerosmith), and Alan White (Yes), AND Liberty DeVito of Billy Joel.  Todd also plays drums with Allentown.

Jef Reynolds (MEGA BASS / Vocals) St. Clare Shores, MI Joined 1/20/2016  Jef delivers the goods on 4, 5, or 6-string bass. He’s known around the industry for his eclectic production sense gleaned over years of working in studios around the Motor City.  Jef also has multi-instrumental prowess, an intuitive voice, and a very dry martini sense of humor making him a man in demand.  Jef is excited and lookin’ forward to more memorable moments performing the music of Bob Seger with Lookin’ Back/Allentown. Throughout his career, Jef has accompanied various national artists including Lesley Gore, Lou Christie, Archie Bell, The Tokens, Alex Chilton, and Wolfman Jack’s Midnight Special Revival Road Show.  He is currently an active part of the Neo-Depression Jazz and Soul music revival happening in Detroit.  Jef was mentored by a stable of Detroit jazz legends such as The Funk Brothers guitarist Joe Messina, Ralph Armstrong, Mike Karoub, Wendell Harrison, RJ Spangler Big Band, Scott Gwinnell Orchestra. Jef was a member of the A&M Recording artist ‘Shivers’ in the late 80s. An On-Call session player at Cloudborne, Ron Rose, and Producers Color Service Studios. Early works with Michael King/Gary Nester. Projects include work with national Singer/Songwriters Jo Serrapere (Prairie Home Companion) and Sir Mack Rice (Stax).  Early Influences Include Chris Campbell, Paul McCartney, and Jamie Jamerson.


Carl Cafagna (SAX AXE/Backing Vocals/Percussion) from Troy, MI Joined 7/1/2012 – 2021  Carl’s not only a gifted sax man, but he’s also a clarinetist, flutist, vocalist, drummer, and not bad with the tambourine.  He has shared the stage with the Temptations, Regis Philbin, Natalie Cole, Martha Reeves, Amy Grant, Verve Pipe, Neil McCoy, the Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey Orchestras, Simone Vitale, Marcus Belgrave, Bobby Watson, James Carter, Hot Club of Detroit and the Detroit Lions Pep Band, among many others.  Carl has performed in most major cities in the US, and in 4 other countries. Carl has taught music for the Detroit Symphony youth program, Lake Orion High School, Oakland University, Western Michigan University, and the world-renowned Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp. He holds a Bachelor’s in Music from Berklee College of Music (Boston) and a Masters’s in Music from Western Michigan University. A Family Man, he lives in Metro Detroit with his wife and their 4 gifted children.

Brian Romeo Bio (Sax / Flute / Percussion) From Beverly Hills, MI Joined 2/20/2021… Brian has covered for Carl at 8 Lookin Back shows over the years, so he comes with a strong familiarity with Bob Seger’s music, and is a GREAT choice for the next phase in our journey. Brian has had a long and successful career as a saxophonist & music educator. He has taught kids from Elementary School thru High School and is currently teaching general music education to kindergarten through 5th-grade students.

When he is not inspiring young minds to become great musicians during the day, at night he’s performed with some of the legendary players who inspired him as a child. The Temptations, The Four Tops, Aretha Franklin, Frankie Avalon, Frankie Valli, The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Brett Eldredge to name just a few.  Brian was always excited to play the music of Bob Seger regularly (and will be a sub with Allentown,  our Billy Joel project). Brian loves playing all these iconic classic rock songs, and has always been a huge fan of the late great Alto Reed and Bob’s Motor City Horn section players.

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    • Show 99 was memorable! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Don’t miss our annual Bob Seger BIRTHDAY BASH!

  1. Your band played at Fruitport Old Fashioned Days Sat May 29, 2016. Friends who were there shared with me that you dedicated a song to the late Augie Miller. I am his daughter. I want to thank you for paying tribute to him with a song. I wish I had been there to have heard it. I’d love to hear how you knew my dad and what you played in his memory.

    • Thanks for your comment on our website, and so sorry for your loss. We hear he was a very good guitarist performing for many years all over your beautiful part of Western Michigan. One of his/your friends came up and was not shy about asking us to dedicate Turn The Page in his honor, and of course we were only to happy to do our best in his memory. I will try to extract that song from our audio recording in the next few days and send it to you in MP3 format if you’ll kindly provide us with your email address.

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