Lookin’ Back @ Lookin’ Back!

Detroit/Michigan DESERVES a world-class Bob Seger tribute band and the very best this market can muster. That’s been our mission since day 1 and we’re glad YOU found us!

Lookin’ Back is a forward-looking project comprised of seven class musicians united in our effort to keep the music of Bob Seger performed at its highest level for fans who identify with the man’s poetry, energy, and vast catalog of time-tested hits bridging six decades.

While tribute bands typically paid homage to the usual rock-n-roll superstars when we started on our mission, the music of Bob Seger was largely overlooked across the nation, but most surprisingly in the market where it all began, until LOOKIN’ BACK. Since then we’ve become one of the top 3 most sought-after Bob Seger tribute brands in America.

Since the band’s sellout debut on August 29, 2009, Lookin’ Back has entertained well over 350,000 fans, headlined all but five of our 215 shows, most recently opened for national recording artists Loverboy & Average White Band, and has SOLD OUT 50 of 65 ticketed events.

After about 14 years the band’s highlights are too numerous to list, but our most important ones include performances with original Silver Bullet Band members Alto Reed & Charlie Martin (on four separate occasions) in 2011/12. Lookin’ Back entertained 11,000+ Detroit Pistons fans at the Palace of Auburn Hills (Bob Seger Appreciation Night); saw 100,000 at Howell’s Annual Balloon Festival; rocked nearly 7,000 who decided to come to see our presentation of “Live Bullet Lives Again” at Pride In Saginaw; Monroe St. Mary’s Park 2019 Series saw 5800; 5000 (a record) at 51st Annual National Blueberry Festival in South Haven; on June 15, 2017, record attendances of 5000 at Milford’s AMPhitheater that eclipsed our record by 500 on June 14, 2018. More recently, the Swartz Creek Performing Arts Center outdoor amphitheater attracted 1500 fans, or 27% of the city’s residents in 2019.


This truth was most evident as soon as Lookin’ Back hit the Metro-Detroit music scene. In 2010 Lookin’ Back was asked to perform at a private party in Royal Oak where a book was being launched entitled Travelin’ Man – On The Road & Behind The Scenes” written by Tom Weschler Road Manager/Photographer) and Gary Graff (Syndicated Rock N Roll Writer). Their coffee-table photo book shared many stories about life on the road with Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band.

Every year Lookin’ Back celebrates Mr. Seger’s birthday and is still the only Bob Seger tribute band doing this. We are very proud to recount them in chronological order for the record:

1st Annual Bob Seger (65th) Birthday Bash held at Tanglewood Golf Club (FREE)

2nd Annual Bob Seger (66th) Birthday Bash at The Palazzo Grande in Shelby, MI (SOLD OUT)

3rd Annual (67th) Birthday Bash at 59 West End Nightclub in Hartland, MI (SOLD OUT)

4th and 5th Annual (68th/69th) at Wonderland Lanes in Commerce (BOTH SOLD OUT)

6th Annual (Bob’s BIG 7-0) at Michigan Theatre of Jackson (1300 seat ambitions)

7th Annual (71st) Friday, May 6, 2016, at Bakers of Milford (SOLD OUT)

8th Annual (72) Saturday, May 5, 2017, Bob Seger Birthday FIESTA at Wonderland Lanes (SOLD OUT)

9th Annual (73rd & Stranger In Town release date 40 years ago) at Wonderland Lanes on May 5, 2018 (SOLD OUT).

10th Annual Bob Seger Birthday Bash (74th) (SOLD OUT) on May 4 at Mt. Brighton, MI Ski Lodge.

11 Annual Bob Seger/1st Annual Billy Joel Birthday Bashes at Wonderland Lanes November 7, 2020. (COVID-19 CANCELLED)

12th Annual Bob Seger & 2nd Billy Joel Birthday Bash Weekend May 7 & 8 Chateau Aeronautique at Onsted, MI (SOLD OUT)

13th Annual Bob Seger (3rd Annual Billy Joel Birthday Bash) Riverside Golf & Banquet Battle Creek, MI

14th Annual at Zehnder’s of Frankenmuth! 3 shows May 9 [2] & 10 [1].

Lookin’ Back Books Produces & Promotes its own shows. The band stays busy all summer performing at municipal Concerts In The Parks, National & Regional Festivals, private parties, and even a Chicago wedding reception.

Lookin’ Back has performed at The Sands, The Little River, Caesars Windsor, and Hard Rock Cafe Casinos. From beer tents to casinos, private parties, performing art centers to a handful of select bars, Lookin’ Back leaves Bob Seger’s fans NEEDING MORE!

(From Wikipedia) In early February of 1974, Mr. Seger first introduced the Silver Bullet Band in Knoxville, Tennessee, and toured the nation with BTO & would eventually get picked up by KISS, who was largely responsible for helping Bob get his first gold record. Bob Seger is Rock-n-Roll and is still making history! In the mid-70’s Bob Seger found himself inducted into the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame in 2004. In April of 1976, Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band had their big commercial breakthrough with the album Live Bullet, recorded over two nights in September 1975 at Detroit’s Cobo Arena. The album remained on the Billboard charts for 168 weeks and peaked at #34 which was Seger’s highest-charting album at that time. It also contained a hit rendition of a cover of Ike & Tina Turner’s Nutbush City Limits (#69 US) as well as Seger’s own classic take on life on the road- Turn the Page, and re-released a few of his late 1960’s successful releases Heavy Music and Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man. Other hits on that record included Katmandu, Get Out Of Denver, Travelin’ Man, and Beautiful Loser. Live Bullet Album The success of Live Bullet gave rise to his blockbuster follow-up album Night Moves put Bob Seger squarely and forever after on the national stage.

Three-fifths of all initial sales of Live Bullet sold in Detroit-area record stores, and over time would reach 5x Platinum status. The Live Bullet record remains a music critic’s favorite, the 44th best-selling album of the 70s, and for almost 20 years was one of the top 50 live albums of all time. Bob Seger’s 1986-1987 American Storm was to be Seger’s last major tour which resulted in 105 shows over nine months and sold nearly 1.5 million tickets. Bob Seger’s Greatest Hits compilation was most recently named the nation’s biggest-selling compilation record of all time, selling nearly 10 million copies as of 2010.

With all that said, we’ve dedicated ourselves to delivering for our clients a world-class Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band experience on par with the genuine article we’re sure everyone will appreciate and enjoy. w/Alto-Uptown Grille Alto Reed Performs with Lookin’ Back AGAIN!