Russell Wayne (Lead Singer/Acoustic Second Guitar)  Russell started singing when he was in middle school, loved it, and has never stopped.   He pursued his passion, became classically trained, and would eventually take leading parts in large musical productions of Fiddler On The Roof and West Side Story.  Since his early days Russell claims to have performed over 3,000+ shows combined in his lifetime, and with various bands have opened for dozens of national touring acts.  His favorite four are Shinedown, Blind Mellon, Candlebox & Detroit rock legend Mark Farner.

Russell Wayne is not bashful and makes no bones about wanting YOU to know his all-time favorite Bob Seger song is Against The Wind and considers the entire album a musical masterpiece.   In fact, Russell has made ATW a staple song and has sung it at every one of his solo acts since he started his solo career.  As the youngest and newest member of Lookin’ Back you can all look forward to Russell Wayne electrifying Bob Seger’s music with his own unique and powerful voice.  There’s only one Bob Seger.  There’s only one Russell Wayne.  There’s only one YOU.  No pretending allowed.

Interestingly, when not performing with Lookin’ Back you will find Russell Wayne operating RW Enterprises where he, among other things, produces and performs with three other high-quality tribute acts celebrating the music of Tool (Toolology), Alice In Chains (Chain Staley), and Pink Floyd (Pink Cigar).

“Billy” Joel Randolph (Piano Backing Vox)  Lookin’ Back welcomed him during the winter of 2019. “Billy” Joel Randolph has been performing regularly for audiences since the tender age of 3-years old in his family’s church choir and participated in band & theater troupes throughout his elementary through high school years.  At the age of 10, Joel began playing piano, and 5 years later he had formed his first full-band based in Parma, Mi.

Much later in life, a multi-instrumentalist by then, Joel found himself touring with several circuit bands for many years.  Joel said, “Bob Seger music was always a mainstay in my musical repertoire as Bob Seger songs have always been among the artists most requested all across the country.”

Joel Randolph has toured for years as a pianist and professional comedian and performed in Las Vegas, Nashville, Detroit, San Diego, Tampa, New Orleans Bourbon Street and French Quarter Festivals, and provided public/private/corporate entertainment at resorts, casinos, and cruise ships.

When not performing with Lookin’ Back Joel can be found moonlighting with a Dixieland Jazz band around Mid-Michigan performing for assisted living and senior centers and/or township sponsored events.

Joel is currently the Praise & Worship Team leader at a small church in his hometown of Spring Arbor, MI.

Cessar Wade (Lead Guitarist/Backing Vocals/Keys) of Jackson, MI joins the Lookin’ Back 2020 officially on February 14.  Mr. Wade has been playing guitar since Jr. High School, but his earliest memories of being musical dates back to 5th grade and was as much about getting out of other classes than for a love for violin music.  Like nearly every kid Cessar didn’t love the violin in the beginning, but over time Cessar came to appreciate just how expressive the violin was and helping him realize the beauty of melodies and that he could make his own.

The first time Cessar ever saw an electric guitar being played in person was actually in the living room of his childhood home when he got home from school one fall day.  After that, he was never quite the same – or let’s say he found his true passion.  Quickly he came to realize, and in absolute astonishment that with almost no coaching he could actually play most of Ted Nugent’s songs.  It wasn’t too long after he would go on to figure out all the guitar parts of his own favorite bands.

As with any serious musician playing over the last 40 years, Cessar was always aware of and appreciated Bob Seger’s music.  But, when Cessar honestly started to dig deep into the material that Lookin’ Back plans to perform in 2020 did he realize Bob is a songwriting genius.  Another epiphany and a newfound zest for his favorite instrument.  Please welcome Cessar Wade to Lookin’ Back 2020 for his debut performance at the 11th Annual Bob Seger Birthday Bash in Commerce Township on May 8.

Carl Cafagna (SAX AXECarl’s Not only a gifted sax man, but he’s also a clarinetist, flutist, vocalist, drummer and pretty good with the tambourine.  Carl has performed with The Temptations, Natalie Cole, Mel Torme, Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Marcus Belgrave, Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, Don Rickles, Bobby Watson, Verve Pipe, Johnny Trudell Orchestra, Simone Vitale, Richie Cole, John Hendricks, Detroit Lions Pep Band, Toledo Jazz Orchestra, the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra and a member of the Hot Club of Detroit.  Carl is dedicated to music education, having taught music theory, jazz improvising, jazz performance, and elementary beginning band at Western Michigan University, Eastern Michigan University, CASA School, Berkley Public Schools, East Lansing, and other Michigan High Schools. Did we mention the world-renowned Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in Northern Michigan?


Edward Mark (Hammond Organ / Strings & Horn Section Sounds) aka “Fast Eddie” is really really really fast…once he gets to his organ. Originally from Brooklyn, NY Ed is just a little less than patient and a perfectionist.  He’s has been playing keys and bass in various blues, rock and jazz bands throughout NW Ohio and SE Michigan for over 40, less than 100 years.  He was formally trained in piano and music theory as a young man and brings his early training and decades of experience to Lookin’ Back since late 2016. Eddie plays a NEW hi-tech Hammond B3 organ and is on par (some say better) than Robyn Robbins but you’ll have to see and decide for yourself to believe it.  New technology allows him to combine classic organ sounds with whatever we need.  Catch FAST Eddie and NOT SO SLOW Jim playing together at ALL OUR 2018 SHOWS!

photo 3

Todd Stoney (Drums) Todd has played rock n roll drums his entire life.  Originally taking private lessons in Lansing, MI at age 9 he quickly grasped the rudiments and moved on to develop his skills over the years locked away in his bedroom rehearsing for this job one day.  In his headphones, Todd played along with Bob Seger and some of the worlds best progressive rock bands.  Later Todd started rehearsing with many AMAZING original projects that never escaped the dank smelly basements and garages from Lansing to Albion, from Pinckney to St. Johns, MI.  Todd’s “never say die” and “if you can’t join them; beat them” attitude and entrepreneurial spirit and years of experience building small businesses have proven itself since the bands sold out debut Aug. 29, 2009.  Band leader, H.R. manager, booking agent, marketer, talent scout, promoter, event coordinator, media relations, and social media point man, this guy is the heartbeat of Lookin’ Back.  10 years prior to forming this band Todd performed on several “mega-church” stages like Oak Pointe/Novi, Kensington’s/”The River” Community Church in Hartland, Brightmoor Tabernacle/Commerce, and Ward Presbyterian/Novi.  Todd’s biggest and earliest drummer influences Charlie Martin (Silver Bullet Original), Mel Gaynor (Simple Minds), Ian Mosley (Marillion), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) Joey  Kramer (Aerosmith), and Alan White (Yes).

Jef Reynolds (MEGA BASS / Vocals) Jef delivers the goods on 4, 5 or 6 string bass. He’s known around the industry for his eclectic production since he has gleaned over the years working in studios around the Motor City.  Jef also has multi-instrumental prowess, an intuitive voice, and a very dry martini sense of humor making Jef a man in demand.  Jef is excited and lookin’ forward to performing Bob Seger music again in 2018.  He has accompanied various artists including Lesley Gore, Lou Christie, Archie Bell, The Tokens, Alex Chilton, and Wolfman Jack’s Midnight Special Revival Road Show.  He is currently an active part of the Neo-Depression Jazz and Soul music revival happening in Detroit.  Jef was mentored from a stable of Detroit jazz legends such as The Funk Brothers, Joe Messina, Ralph Armstrong, Mike Karoub, Wendell Harrison, RJ Spangler, Scott Gwinnell) and was a member of the Shivers (A&M Records 1980s). On-call session player at Cloudborne, Ron Rose and Producers Color Service Studios. Early works with Michael King/Gary Nester. Projects include work with national Singer/Songwriters Jo Serrapere (Prairie Home Companion) and Sir Mack Rice (Stax).  Early Influences Include Chris Campbell, Paul McCartney, Jamie Jamerson.


Jeff Axelsen (Lead Guitarist / Backing Vocals) Jeff got his very first guitar on Christmas day in 1978.  The very first full song he learned was a simple three-chord song on an orange & yellow 45 Capitol Record called Ramblin Gamblin Man.  Not long after, and knowing Jeffs love for Bob Seger music, his sister Vicki loved him enough to escort him to his first concert at Pine Knob. Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band no less. She hoped somehow that $8.00 5th row ticket might inspire the lad’s passion for old time rock n roll. IT WORKED, and Vicki now loves him EVEN MORE THAN EVER!  Jeff never stopped making music and loves to share memories (again & again) about the good old days performing at places like; The Crystal, Walsh’s On The Border, Harpos, Blondies, The Old Miami, and other live music clubs in Metro Detroit.  Some past groups include; Shamus Whiskey, Bad Habit, Ten Pound Head, MSA, Raggle Taggle, The Sax Maniacs, & The Leftovers. Jeff opened for national touring acts Bad Finger, Molley Hatchet, Mitch Ryder, and Glengarry Boys.   Over the years he became a multi-instrumentalist by adding mandolin, bass guitar, piano, banjo, bodhran and harmonica to his stellar guitar talent.  Jeff started playing with Lookin’ Back in 2017 until 2020, and NAILED HIS PARTS!

Jim Molnar – (Piano / Backing Vocals)  Jim has been with Lookin’ Back off and on since 2011.  He’s been playing piano since the age of 6.  After winning every youth talent show he entered, Jim eventually and naturally went on to play for several successful cover bands.  Jim said he enjoyed the applause so much he decided he needed MUCH MORE OF IT and joined Lookin’ Back at a time when we were lookin’ for him!  A humble savant who unabashedly loves applause has always played by ear, “because reading notes just slowed me down” Jim says.  Jim loves Bob Seger’s music and has no problem delivering the goods. Like the Silver Bullet Band’s Craig Frost, Jim adds texture and depth to everything and replicates Bob Seger’s most challenging piano songs note for note (Fire Inside/Brave Strangers), and uses every one of his twin 88-note keyboards.  He’s a scary quiet, eternal optimist, and a loyal team member of Lookin’ Back. Fans and his bandmates feel fortunate to have him on our team.

Chris Huff (Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals) Chris becomes a regular Lookin’ Back “on call” player New Year’s Eve 2017.  The band is excited to have a bassist with substantive style, presence, and a position player if and when we might need him in 2018.  Chris has been the bassist and lead singer with several Detroit area bands from the 80s and 90s (Apex, Harlot, Blade, Devious).  Recently, Chris moved back to Detroit from Grand Rapids after 23 years performing all over Western Michigan.  You westsiders may have heard with JJ Curtis, The Niche, Formerly Hip at various festivals, or maybe at Sunday Praise & Worship Service at Community Reformed (Mega) Church.  Chris returned to Motown just in time to secure a job with Detroit’s FIRST Bob Seger tribute band.  Chris first fell in love, and learned to play, ALL of Bob’s 1976 “breakout” albums Live Bullet and Night Moves.  Like all of Lookin’ Back NOW, Bob Seger music is part of the soundtrack of his life story and has found his comfort zone doing his best Chris Campbell.

Pat Shanley Pabst-at-Memphis(Guitar & Vocals) Pat has earned a solid reputation as being a top-notch guitarist and a soulful & passionate vocalist who has worked with many of Detroit’s top blues artists.  Some names you may recognize are RJ Spangler, Regular Boys, Nikki James, Curtis Sumter, Cathy Davis, Terry Thunder, Paul Carey, Chris Codish, Scott Gwinnell, and Bob Seger studio session and Silver Bullet Band touring horn section player Keith Kaminski.  As a former member of the folk-pop group Tangerine Trowsers, Pat toured the mid-west and South East performing at the legendary Bluebird Café in Nashville TN, The Ark, The Ann Arbor Folk Festival and a benefit for Alejandro Escovedo in Raleigh, NC, and numerous Folk Festivals across Michigan. Pat also received special mention in Taylor Guitar’s publication Wood & Steel. Pat also helped the Trousers win 3 Detroit Music Awards (DMA’s).  The bands’ last CD “ Dressed For Success” got strong magazine reviews from Performing Songwriter (“..Damn Cool!!”) and No Depression (“an unassuming powerhouse”). Pat is also a founding member of Blowtop whose debut CD received strong reviews and a DMA nomination for Outstanding Indie Group and for “Best Blues Guitarist”. Pat’s CD with the Dirty Pirate Hookers “Live Anywhere”  also received a DMA nomination for “Best Blues Recording” and reviewed well in several Blues Music publications.